How to Disable Google Play Services on Any Android

Hello everyone, what’s up? I will show you how to disable Google Play services in this article. This will be the most straightforward way to disable, force-stop, or uninstall the Google Play services from your Android.

Play services have been one of the most valuable tools on Android because it always runs in the background. We don’t understand the value of it, but when we have to do things like sometimes play a game or want to spoof their location, they might use any spoofing location app, and for this, they have to disable Play services.

This article will be helpful for all those Geeks out there who want to uninstall Play services or deactivate Play services from their smartphones.

So without any delay, let’s drive.

I will break down all the steps in a very step-by-step way so that everyone can understand them, and I will include the screenshots if you are new to our blog its dedicated to Google Play and its sub-app.

Requirement For Disabling Google Play Services

So there is one requirement for disabling the find my device services on Android because you won’t be able to remove the Play services without it. So the first step is to find my device service-disabled, so here is how to do it.

Open the Mobile settings and search for For device admin apps. Then tap on the first option.

device admin apps searched in the mobile settings

You might see the services in this menu, but you have to turn off find my device services by clicking the button.

device admin apps
turn off find my device from settings

Now that you have successfully turned off the find my device service let’s move to the actual guide.

1. Open the mobile settings, scroll down, and here you have to find and select apps.

apps highlighted from the mobile settings

2. Now, you have to scroll down and find and select the Google Play services application.

google play services highlighted from the all apps list

3. Now, tap the disable button, and you will ask for confirmation to disable place services. Confirm your choice, and boom! You have disabled place services.

disable google play services from mobile settings

Moreover, you have disability Play services. Still, if you want to post office, you can easily do it by simply typing the post of a button and then simply saying yes to the confirmation, and you have successfully disabled and four-stop the Play services app on your Android.

How to Enable Google Play Services Back

Enabling Google Play Services on an Android device is straightforward.

To enable Google Play Services, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.

settings icon from the app drawer

2. Tap “See all apps” or “App info.”

apps highlighted from the mobile settings

3. Locate and select “Google Play Services.”

google play services highlighted from the all apps list

4. Tap “Enable” or “Turn on.”

After this, get back into the Device admin apps, then enable the find my device on your Android.

turned off find my device from settings

After enabling Google Play Services, your device will start using the app again, and you will regain access to all the features and functionalities that depend on it. This includes apps like Google Maps, Gmail, Google Pay, and Google Assistant, security updates, and device management tools.

However, it’s essential to note that enabling Google Play Services can also have some drawbacks and risks. 

The app runs in the background and consumes CPU, RAM, and battery resources, affecting device performance and battery life. Additionally, Google Play Services collects data about your location, app usage, and behavior, which some users may find invasive or concerning.

Reasons Why To Disable Google Play Services App

Here are some reasons why people may disable the Google Play services app.

a smartphone with google play services opened in the background

The first reason for battery drain is using a disable the place services application to reduce the battery consumption on their devices.

Google Play services run in the background and can consume much battery, particularly on older devices. If you want to know more about Play Services battery consumption, please read this.

Privacy concern: Google Play services collect information about a user’s personalized experience and improve services. However, some users may be Karan portable with the amount of data collected, and they may have to protect privacy, and that’s Fair Enough.

App compatibility issue: sometimes, issues can arise due to conflicts with Google Play services. Disabling the app can resolve these issues and allow the apps to work correctly but for a short period.

App performance issues: in rare cases, Google Play services performance issues on some devices leading to flags freezing or crashes. Disabling the app can be a way to improve device performance, but only sometimes.

uninstalling google play serivces from android

Benefits and Risk of it

  • Disabling Google Play Services can save battery life, reduce data usage, and enhance privacy.
  • Google Play Services uses many resources in the background, which can slow down device performance.
  • Google Play Services tracks user data, which some may consider an invasion of privacy.
  • Disabling Google Play Services can help limit the data collected by Google, improving privacy.
  • Many apps, including Google Maps and Gmail, require Google Play Services to function correctly. Disabling the app can cause these apps to malfunction or not receive updates and notifications.
  • Some features like Google Assistant and Google Pay may only work with Google Play Services.
  • Disabling Google Play Services can make managing and securing the device more problematic as it provides security updates and device management tools.
  • Deciding whether to disable Google Play Services depends on personal priorities and needs.
  • Weigh the benefits and risks carefully before making an informed decision.


That’s it for this article. Today I showed you how to disable Google Play services and re-enable Play services on Android. I hope you found the article helpful.

Also, I have Drawn The benefits and risks of disabling and reenabling play services on android and what is the one requirement you need to disable play services or to re-enable them. I hope you found the article comment section for you.

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